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11:30 AM

Changes at Clinic

Floatation Tank Therapy


We have initiated big changes at the River Junction Wellness and Chiropractic Clinic. We have installed a Floatation Tank named “Serenity”.  For those of you not familiar it is a 4’ by 8’ box 4.5’high with 10.5” water saturated with 900 lbs. of U.S.P. grade Epsom salts. You float on your back weightless. This gives the joints total rest from the effects of gravity which is good for all of us especially those with chronic pain, arthritis, injuries acute and chronic. The tank is near sound and light proof. The purpose of all this is to give you the most restful and healing time of your life.

The tank can be the launching pad for incredible improvements in your health and meditation practice. It is commonly known from research that learning to respond to stress in a balanced way can lead to a healthier life.

 Years ago we purchased a used floatation tank that was a successful introduction to the float tank experience for us. We are pleased to be able to offer this service again.

 There are literally no limits to what one can accomplish with floating. The mental and physical benefits have been well researched. For more information about floatation, check out the subjects under the floatation tab on this site. For other wide ranging looks at floating, search on You Tube for floatation tanks, floatation therapy and floatation research.

 To schedule a float go to or call the office at 319-629-5324 or Connie’s cell phone 319-530-0236.

The next post will discuss other changes that we have changed and are changing in the clinic.


Dr. Gene and Connie

 P.S. There are between 200-300 Basic Science studies showing the benefits of the floatation experience from many different perspectives. This list is soon to be on the website under the Floatation tab.




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